Saturday, February 09, 2008

Things I've noticed While at the Hospital.

1. Nurses are really nice.
2. Being sick isn't fun!
3. It hurts to see your love one in pain.
4. Being patient and waiting is hard.
5. Hospitals aren't like those seen on ER, Grey's, General Hospital, or any of those other TV shows.
6. Hospital Food isn't that bad from the cafeteria - but I wouldn't want to eat it everyday.
7. Clergy ID badges - rock.
8. Finding a parking place actually near the hospital isn't easy.
9. There sure are lots of wires and plugs in each room.
10. Wash your hands ALOT!!!

Other notes:

There sure are lots of people in the ER.
Metal Detectors in the ER make it interesting.
When you wear the Hospital ID badge - sometimes you can be mistaken for a doctor.
We sure have lots of people praying. Kind of cool my daughter's preschool at the Baptist Church - one of their staff came by to visit.
I've probably been more to the hospital this week more than in several years.


DaYouthGuy said...

Amen to all of your points but especially to #1. Both my mom and mom in law were registered nurses. They are the backbone of any healthcare system. And usually not fully appreciated.

Dave Carrol said...

You should try and unplug a few of those wires... just for kicks


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