Friday, February 01, 2008

Youth Ministers and Salary

How much should I make?

I get asked this question a lot. Usually I refer to Group Magazine’s Salary Survey or Church Staffing Compensation Handbook which is published annually. Then there are some online comparisons such as: And some youth workers have suggested even using the local teachers’ salary as a starting point. All good and valid points.
There are several factors in considering salary for a youth worker and here are some questions to consider:
1. Does our church value youth ministry?
2. Can we afford to pay someone?
3. Can that pay increase each year?
4. What is our expectations, role, how many hours etc.
Now having said that people want to know what is the salary I should be getting for where I plan on doing ministry? This also varies by Years of Experience, Years at present church, educational background, number of church attendees etc. And of course other credentials as licensing, ordination, and regions.
So where do I find these averages to help me? Network, ask other youth workers in the area. What benefits do they get if any? Benefits such as housing allowance, book, education, conventions, health insurance, retirement, holidays, vacation and so forth.
The more questions and prepared you are when it comes to dealing with salary and issues the better you are for the future.
Youth Ministries and salaries can be a hard subject to approach but when approached with grace and dignity a good salary and great youth worker is well worth their weight in gold.

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