Monday, December 03, 2007

I Hate Sexy Trendy Youth Ministry.

You know the ones.You know the models I'm talking about. The one that is the newest gimmick today or tends to reach only the "Popular" kids so that the other kids will follow. Also where the youthworker has an Ego the size of Texas. Let alone his or her head fit through the door to enter the church building.

You guess it ... I hate trying to be something I'm not! These trendsetters are nothing but hurting youth ministry.

Youth Ministry is about God. It is about students - and not reaching to that of which is "Hot, popular or the latest anything." I just don't get it.

People want churches to compete? Almost be a Super Churchmart. Oh, your church isn't as good of McChurch down the road so I'll go to them. Or your Church doesn't have King Church of having it my way right away. Or your Church doesn't offer my choice of kids, children or fries or salads with that.

And then there is all the wine I mean whining. That this music style or that nitpicking. There are sometimes I wonder if The Body is falling apart instead of working together.

Anyone know why some youth ministers have to have this "image" of being the cutting edge setter? Is it because of the expectations from their church, senior minister, or because of power issues?

Somehow I wish "Sexy, trendy youth ministry: would just go away and there would be just ministry.

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