Saturday, June 23, 2007

Top Ten Things to Get you fired in youth ministry

10. Not involving, including, informing, communicating with the parents.
9. Talking bad and disrespecting the other Staff you work with, especially those you are accountable to.
8. Misuse and mis-spending of money. don't handle it. Be above reproach.
7. Not thinking through on Gross Games. Some are downright dangerous and well can damage your ministry.
6. Not having any rules, policies or procedures in place. Better Safe than Sued is always a good motto. Background checks etc.
5. Being alone with any student. Be above reproach. Make sure you are NEVER alone with the opposite sex or same Sex!
4. Having no accountability nor action plans in your life. It is always good to know what direction you are headed. Always good to have a friend in which you can confide in.
3. Not following through on things you would say you would do. It almost makes you a liar and contradicts that of saying one thing but living another.
2. No connection with God. Faking it. There is only so far you can go and others soon will find out you are not living the authentic lifestyle for God.
1. You really don't like nor love kids. Don't feel a calling to youth ministry and see it as a stepping stone. Two words for you: "Get out" Students pick up on genuine love (see #2)
You need to love God and love others.

As to wrecking things, saying the wrong words .... let's just say I'm on my 4th laptop in less than 5yrs; slipped on some cuss words; said some things I probably never meant; wrecked the church van a few times; and well done some very stupid stuff but am very thankful for grace, forgiveness, mercy, responsibility and trust the current leadership has. There would of been some churches I'd be gone along time ago.


cwinwc said...

Gerrard - Thanks for commenting on my blog. My very first Elders Meeting as an Elder (that goes without saying) was filled with a discussion on our need to fire our youth guy at the time. He had violated several points of your top 10.

I came home and told my wife, "What have I got myself into?" Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

How about neglecting to tell parents there wasn't a woman chaperone on the overnight trip.

How about pursuing kids to prevent them from changing to another congregation and youth group.

How about telling female members of the youth group, "We will be here for you when you are 18 and your parents cannot tell you what to do anymore..."

How about taking the female teens home alone in your car without asking their parents OR the elders...

How about continuously giving female teens your e-mail and cell numbers even though they are FORMER members of your congregation.

How about staying in contact with 13, 14 year olds females even after you have left the youth ministry field-and have moved out of town at the request of your former eldership.

These aren't made up.

dave23 said...

OH MY!!!!!!!WOW....

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