Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Rant Against TV preachers

I think that TV preachers are a crock!

(Some might point out we're not to judge but we are to judge those inside the faith and expose those in posing as sheep who are really wolves)

Here is why: (You will notce these are generalizations but apply but not all Christain TV preachers are bad though they are rare)

1. They seem to sell themselves rather than God.
2. They elevate themselves rather than God.
3. They promote a false gospel of health and wealth.
4. They tend to ask for money more than anything else.
5. They make a joke and mockery of Jesus.
6. The tend to be bluehaired and cheesy in their methods.
7. Cultural irrelevant!
8. When was the last time someone became a Christian from a TV show?
9. Do we really need any more Christian informercials?
10. Their promotion of Jesus junk almost seems to have Jesus want to go into their TV studio and turn over alot more than tables.


Anonymous said...

A question for you about "TV Preachers". Have you ever met a pastor of a ministry who airs a tv program? Ever been around a ministry that felt called to spread the gospel to those who otherwise might not ever set foot in a church? You cast a broad net over a topic that you probably most likely know nothing about. My guess is that you/your church are probably stuck in religious tradition and probably have an "Us 4 and no more" attitude. The bible says to go out into ALL the world including Samaria, the place no one wants to go.

Gman said...

YES in fact. (That is why I said not all are bad) YES ... in fact that is what I do without the hype ... and know several others that do it very well including ministering to those in Asia and in hard to reach people groups.

Guess again.

I've been there. Grew up on the streets; ministered to the inner city. I wish you'd include your name... though.

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