Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here's An Idea you can use

Trying to communicate that upcoming youth event, yet don't think people are reading their email, newsletter, take home papers, mailed info? Phone calls etc are alot? Why not put up your poster/info in the bathrooms in your church.

First make sure your poster contains the basic info: Who, what, where, why, how much etc.

Second, Keep the poster simple.

Third - post the info at eye level in the stalls etc.

Fourth - make sure yoou have in the most traffic bathrooms that parents, teens use.

Fifth - once the event is close or over - don't forget to change or take down your poster.


Brian said...

We always make sure to hang posters, fliers, etc. in the restrooms. They are sure to get read in there. It is a very captive audience. :-)

Chris said...

we do this with the women's breakfast at my old church. More effective then a mass mailing!

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