Friday, December 09, 2005

Skeletons in the Closet?

Ever consider running for office?

How about being in a leadership positions?

We've all got skeletons. Mine is the struggle with sin. I was born out of wedlock. Had a dysfunctional family. Didn't grow up in the church. Survived on my own since a teen, went to college (Did some interesting things I'm probably be branded a joker but also GREW up there), was in ministry, had some accountability, went to go to Seminary, was at my learning Church (This is one of my skeletons). Let me pause at this one. I basically was asked to resign (Nicely but otherwords, fired and it was a mutual because I knew it wasn't just me but the leadership there) I had undergone counselling and almost got out of ministry. In between ministries, I managed a Toy Store. Wife had miscarried, we struggled financially (And still do). Ended up in a ministry in Virginia. A growing process. God had planted us now in NC. (A wild journey for this Canadian).

Which brings me to the point of this post. What do we do with our skeletons? I tend to hide mine. I am scared of it. I've been accused of lots of things: Including (Though not limited to) lying, murder, and so forth. Sometimes I wonder how others forgive me, when I have trouble forgiving myself? Things haunt me.

A good thing is I'm getting more and more accountability and trust in my life and appreciate my loving family and church for the faith they have in me.

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