Friday, December 09, 2005

God's Grace Abounds ...?

So what do you do when a Katrina victim and evacuee walks into your Church building during one of your services?

Not much? Well, this happened to our church recently and it is amazing how our people are trying and bending backwards to help this young man displaced by the Hurricane. Grace abounds, point taken.

What about a former youth minister - who is under investigation for child porn, let go from his Church in this area?

I even had lunch with this fella. (Prior to all this stuff coming up) (I know of too many guys fired for this issue and want to protect myself - but that's another post) Well, turns out one of our church members have given this guy a job in construction. Trying to get this fella back on his feet to redemption, forgiveness, and consequences to his broken family. Grace abounds again. There is still issues with laws, and etc to go to court.

And then it is amazing God has me in the place where I am. Amazing wife, 3 kids ages 3,2, and soon to be 1. WOW.

God's Grace surely is amazing.

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