Friday, December 16, 2005


After much prayer, and effort. I finally have an accountable friend and co-partner in ministry. We meet on Thursday for lunch at Damon’s. We decided to be more fruitful for monthly and updates daily as well. Good first meeting. Some questions we’re considering asking each other. (Hoping others can use these questions as well)

1. Did you accomplish your spiritual goals for this month? Did you pray for others? Did you have a quiet time with Jesus?

2. What did you do this month to enhance your relationship with your spouse?

3. In what ways has God blessed you this month? And/or what disappointment consumed your thoughts this month?

4. Did you look at other women in a lustful manner this month?

5. Have you shared your faith? In what ways? How can you improve? Have you an opportunity with a Non-Christian?

6. Where are you financially right now? Are things under control? Are things under anxiety? Is there any great debt?

7. What do you see as your number one need for the month? What are the other person’s in the group number one need?

Have you lied about any answers above?

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