Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some Rants that have yet to Be Published

10. The one about Pastor Skip

and how I know someone that is exactly like him. The only difference his name is Pastor Chilly. And it just gives me the chills.

9. A church raffling off a car to get people to their church.

8. A church sponsoring a beer tent (But there's a thought though) its the same church as above.

7. A church getting people to come to their church by giving them a chance to win Super Bowl tickets (No lie). Of course, what next give out $$$ (Wait this has been done too).

6. People thinking the best church leaders are those that are leaders in the business. Hello, there is a difference between that of being a shepherd and pastor than being a Business leader. The church isn't a marketing gimmicks and all about numbers, figures and the bottom line.

5. That there is a line between that of Christian music and secular. When did music put faith into Jesus? Isn't all truth God's? Don't people become Christians?

4. Too many generalizations out there. We attack certain political parties, people, etc. Whether that be racial, religious (as I've seen some do to Muslims etc) Doesn't God call us to love our neighbour? Love our Enemies?

3. Youth Ministry as a crutch. Pardon? It's a calling. A ministry. Not a stepping stone.

2. That Life is Easy. Answers are black and white. I wonder who thought of this? Guess they have no problems or issues in their life. It is not that easy. Life is complicated. Sometimes questions are better than answers. It is all about the journey.

1. We can know everything about God from His Word. Somehow this doesn't fit into a good sound argument. What is meant by everything? What about the mystery of God, knowing the divine? I think God's Word gives us a glimpse of God and reveals WHO HE IS ... but to know everything about God is rather arrogant is it not?

That's it for now.

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Da Youth Guy said...

Okay you are officially my hero...again! What a great bunch of rant ideas. I'm looking forward to them all

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