Friday, December 16, 2005

Purging the Office

So I’m going through my books and stuff. Throwing some stuff away. Going through old files, and basically File Thirteen them. I, even, went to Mike’s Used Book Store (Made some $$$) and got rid of my Left Behind Series. (Now who in their right mind who want those?) And I came across the following quotes today:

“Better to eat Twinkies with friends; than to eat Broccoli alone.”

“Gerrard will never be famous, and people don’t give him much slack, but he will do much for the kingdom through youth ministry. Amen” In a letter to me from a friend, Brian Bilodeau – who writes that Steve Hill paid that compliment and said hello. (Steve Hill was one of my mentors, and instructors in college on Youth Ministry and this was after I graduated)

And a new and interesting site (I had an Advertisement for it) The Logan Show

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

id have taken that left behind series off your hands...

(places bag over head)


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