Friday, October 21, 2005

The McFranchising of Youth Ministry
(I wrote this on another blog and thought to post here)

Too often I see the McFranchising of Youth Ministry. So how many do you run, how big is your youth group? (Almost sounds like a Jr. High locker room). What ticks me off is we compare, we go after numbers as the only indication of health and equate that mega equals better. God gives the increase. Numbers in and of themselves is not the ONLY indicator. I think a BIG injustice is done to youth ministry trying to be the NEXT Big thing or even to BE LIKE DOUG FIELDS. God blesses both big and small churches. BE yourself. Be who God created you to be. Learn from others. Make disciples. Be faithful. But stay away from McFranchising and Business Incorporating your youth ministry. It's unhealthy, and really gets annoying after awhile. Maybe the better question is not how big is your group, but how DEEP is your group? Any disciples?


Carl said...

Somehow it always boils down to this: "Mine is BIGGER than yours". I'm reminded of a Lou Giglio talk a couple years ago:

"If you disciple a kid for years and they finally come to know Jesus, and then immediately start going to another youth group, YOU WIN! You should call up the other youth leader and congratulate him or her."

Isn't leading a kid to Christ what we're all about, anyway?

I thank God for my teeny small group of 3 - I don't want it to get bigger, because it's growing DEEPER by the week.


PA said...

i like your style gerrard.


Anonymous said...

is this horse not dead yet? you've been beating the poor thing forever. Big isn't better. It's also true that big isn't bad. My youth group size is what it is . . . and if it grows, I'm excited (cause that means the kids we have coming now are getting something out of it, and want to bring their friends into this experience that obviously means so much to them). If it doesn't grow, I'm still excited, cause I get to spend time with and grow with some of the most amazing kids ever.

Gman said...

Too bad you didn't sign your name. Actually seems its a horse that people tend to be complaining about and taking issue with.

See my other blog at

Thanks for the comments.

BTW do you respond to things like 180 Franchising their YM product and charging others to use their programs etc. to mimick them?

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