Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So Long My Friend. Nov. 3, 1935 - October 17, 2005. Bobbie Watson.

I heard this morning about her death. Her family and I knew she was dying and knew it was only a matter of months. I was hoping to get home in time to get to the hospital. This morning I found out she passed away. Some of you maybe thinking...she was old. You don't understand. You see our church doesn't have alot of the Older Generation. In fact when her mother, Martha (87) and her came to our church about a year ago - they became instant Grandmothers. We have alot of young families. Average age is 35.

So I had one of our teen small groups @ their home. They loved the students, loved me. Adopted me like a son. Bobbie, even told people, when I visited her, "I was her adopted Son."

Such a great passionate, godly, merciful, grace filled person. Through my own tears as I'm writing this I'm reminded of so many things. She use to say "don't worry about me, there is hope. God is in control." (I'm listening to Crowder as I'm typing and hearing O PRAISE HIM ....wow)Bobbie, reminded me of a good friend, Alice Christy. Bobbie lived in Ohio - the same area as my first ministry. She even encouraged me in my journey and was still seeking God herself. (How many 70yr olds, give some $$$ for the NYWC to make sure I feed my body and soul?)

All I can say is now she is in the arms of Jesus and probably meeting Yaconelli for the first time. I wonder what dangerous things are happening? She choose to jump into the arms of Jesus. WOW. What a testimony. One of which I'll never forget, through my tears of sorrow and grief, are ones of joy. What a ride.


Knotter said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. From the way you describe her, the church could certainly use more like her.

Chris said...

A couple of weeks ago I lost someone who choose me to be a part of his family. It is an amazing thing when God brings people like that into our lives to build us up and give us that unconditional family love when we need it.

I can't picture any of the elderly in my church wanting the youth in their home. What an amazing gift she gave you and then of her time and love.

I am sorry for your loss. For me these past couple of weeks the song has been Mercy Me's "Homesick"

You and all her family are in my prayers

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