Friday, June 10, 2005

Questions to ask a Potential Staff Member signing on.

I got thinking about this. I've been on both sides. Applying to a church, and on a search committee for a pastor who would work with me.

If our church is to hire additional staff members (Which we have recently); here is some questions I'd ask.

Not anything deep, theological, or even to ministry but some (Most will be answered when I ask their references) to reflect who they are.

So do you like moving chairs? When was the last time you moved chairs or helped setup?

Some of you are thinking, chairs? What in the world?

Yup. Chairs. You see ministry isn't always about the flash. It isn't about the lessons, the talks; its about servanthood. Its about relationships. Thus setting up chairs is a part of it. If someone doesn't like setting up chairs (Especially for a church considering going Mobile) then well it reflects their attitude and we just wouldn't work well together. Ministry is about relationships, and sometimes that means moving a chair or 2 and making room for more, and room for the Lord to be in our midst as well.

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relauncher said...

Well said!!

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