Saturday, August 06, 2005

Top Ten Signs of a Healthy Youth Ministry

1. Are becoming Disciples of Christ
2. Love God (see #1)
3. Because they love God, they love their neighbor. (see #2)
4. Because they love their neighbor, they are willing to share what they have(Do missions, cup of cold water, feed the hungry)
5. Because they share what they have - they will share who they know because of their love for God and love for others. (Aka evangelism) (see #1)
6. Because of they are fulfilling the Greatest Commandment - they will also try to fulfill the great commission (see #5)
7. Because they are becoming disciples; they will be a part of the Christian community as a whole; thus a part of the Family of God and not going to church; but rather being the church.
8. Because they are being the church they will also Worship the One who died for the Church and is the Groom of the Bride.
9. Remain faithful.
10. Love, and have hope for the future. Eternity is longed for.

These signs are not easily measured but visionary expected!

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