Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ever feel like someone is watching you?

Too often I get that feeling. Expectations. Do this, or do that. Be a role model.
Be this, or like that youth pastor; or we get into the comparing game.

Here is out it goes (Sounds almost like Middle school days)

So how big is your group?
How many did you have on Sunday?
Did you know that Mega Youth Pastor is publishing this?
Do you know this Minor Christian Celebrity?
Yeah, sure.

Personally, I like the words of Spurgeon to one of his students
"You have a big enough group to give an accounting for on the day of judgment"

Thus I hope God is watching me and is smiling and not all these people wanting to compare oranges (My ministry) to apples (Their ministry).


dsrowles said...

So how big is your group?

The Thief said...

I was going to ask the same thing. lol. I guess sick minds think alike.

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