Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Here is a message I wrote responding to one of the Hot buttons in Youth Ministry and for youth pastors email serve.

Hey Gang,

Let me chime in here. First of all - This issue is one of the hot buttons of the
day. Secondly, sure the rapport and rhetoric I've been hearing are buzz words.
Let's stay on the issue. Is homosexuality sinful? (That depends on your theology
doesn't it?) The are lots of analogies. Is it the worse sin?

Why do people get upset about this issue?

I think because they see it as threatening them.

I've heard it said there are no other sins paraded around like this one. Umm
read the news, watch TV? (I mean lying, gossip, and that is paraded as the norm
on TV including divorce and adultery)

Yeah but this one doesn't have a church claiming this lifestyle as being right.
Umm really? Our churches are full of liars, thieves, gossipers, and those who
deceive or don't present the truth and teach only what tickling ears want to

So why is this issue hot?

I see it as severalfold.

1. It is easy to pick on. In the news, and most likely doesn't impact us.

2. We get upset about it, and easy to quote a verse here or there.

So what I'm proposing is an interesting twist to this whole issue.

(Funny thing is the supposedly Christians who got arrested in Phillie later
charges dropped were more there to antiganize(sp) rather than show the Love of

1. Extend the love of Christ, Grace. Sure you may not agree with the lifestyle
choices or issue but still be Jesus.
2. Volunteer in helping out - be salt and light.
3. Be informed. It is a hard ministry to minister to, and be a part of.
It is not the End times or that. It is much harder to minister, love and care
for a teen struggling, your own family member telling his family he's gay and so
4. Stay away from slurs, and using derogatory remarks (Such as teens use
"You're Gay")
5. Learn from the Homosexual community. I have said (Being conservative myself
(Moreso a moderate) that the best Christian I have met online and in person is a
Lesbian named Dylan who ministers in a church in the Northeast. Do I agree with
her lifestyle? No. but she has taught me along the way as well. After reading
books like Messy Spirituality and Stumbling Towards Faith - it helps to know
that even though I may disagree I still have things I have learned along the

And in conclusion before throwing the flames and that - recognize that this
issue hasn't happened overnight, nor will it go away overnight - it is how you
approach it.

I've got a whole forest in my own eye to take out; and would like to think I
would extend Grace as Jesus would to everyone no matter what the lifestyle and
take them from where they are to where they need to be. A big thing is to pray.
Sometimes the best things accomplished begin on our knees and not a post

Just some thoughts.


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