Things They Didn't Teach You About Ministry

So I went to a Bible College (Now a Christian University) and even went to Seminary. But there are some things that they didn't teach you. Sometimes it is learning only by the school of hard knocks. (I know I've written on this before but would like to update)

I. You and You alone are responsible for your Soul Care. No one else is going to do it for you.

II. Ministry is tough. It is great and rewardful but not meant for sissies. There will be challenges.

III. There will be that guy. You know the one. The one that just gets on your nerves. There will be conflict. The thing is to know to pick your battles wisely. Is this worth fighting for? In the scope of eternity is it worth battling over? (Personally I think things like personalities, music styles, color of carpet do not fall into that)

IV. Facility Upkeep. You will need to know codes: Fire, Insurance, liability, etc.

V. Technology. I'm no social media expert but computer programming, powerpt and that come in handy. Recognize these are only Tools not the goal.

VI. Chaplaincy. I wish I know more and helped more in this area. Hospital calls, funerals, and dealing with death and dying.

VII. Administration. Ministers are responsible for lots of different venues and committees. Balancing the many hats and having to run a staff can be tricky. Money issues, conflict resolution etc.

VIII. Leadership. Leaders are life long learners. Leading isn't easy. Inspite of having good elders, people still look to the minister as the leader of the church. Sometimes it is best to be ready to lead. I admit in my own way that my last few ministries I tended to be more of a follower than a leader.

IX.Copyright and plagiarizing. I've learn more to do research and make sermons my own rather than just use someone's work by itself. I'm seeing some though just go straight to download sermons and spend lots of Saturdays working rather than working smart.

X. Giving God the credit. Sometimes it isn't so much about us but about God being the one in control. I celebrate that my peers are doing great things for the Kingdom and I rejoice I get to do this thing called Ministry. There have been a lot of good people who have allowed me to fail so I can learn and improve and am thankful for those people. Fact is some of the churches that hired me were actually crazier than me to hire me in the first place. The thing was they were crazy but also crazy in love with God to try to trust Him first.


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