Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Reasons Why Summer "Church" Camp is a good choice.

In a recent publication, (A Supplement to the Mechanicsville Local dated March 28,2018 Best Summer Ever. The Article, 5 reasons why summer camp is a good choice for kids by metro Creative. Here is the 5:

1. Explore Talents

2. Physical Activity

3. Gain Confidence.

4. Try New Things.

5. Make new Friends ....

Let me suggest a few for Church camp:

6. Spiritual Aspect - Training and spiritual health. A week of camp is like a year of Bible School rolled up in one. Its Worth it.

7. Role models. Seeing those trying to be Jesus' hands and feet to the World.

8. Camp Food. Nothing like the Spiritual food you get and the Physical Food too. Cookouts anyone?

9. Loving God. Through Giving, serving, and showing your talents. (see #4 above) and by Worship.

10. Loving Others. Camp gives opportunity to serve, give back, and love those with you at camp as well as into the future by the missions the week supports.

Other suggestions?

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