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Top Ten Urban Legends in Ministry

Top 10 Urban Legends in Ministry

You know there are urban legends in Christianity such as O'Hare and the FCC or the Touched by An Angel or even the Health and Wealth Gospel. With all the Fake news and hoaxes out there I'd thought to do urban legends for ministry. (I did one back similar to youth ministry.

Here are some Urban Legends in Ministry and in Church in general that I've come across.

10. The tenure of a preacher is 3 years This one has been making the rounds for some time. I wonder who this preacher is and if he has invested in U-Haul.

9. Close relationships are the goal of ministry. (They aren't - they are a means, but not the end) It is about discipleship. Loving God and others.

8. The % Warnings. Barna. The Pew Report. Millennials. The Whole Cry Wolf. Are people leaving the church? Yes. Do we need to reach people? yes The stats or studies show this or that ...that 96% of stats are made up including this one. In fact to prove my point there is a fellow saying the World is going to end tomorrow. (It will some day but to try to predict and put yourself in what only the Father knows is silly)

7. The usage of the word Christian as an adjective. "Christian" music, TV, radio, magazines, books, bookstores, etc. I guess people aren't Christians just things.

6. There is absolute truth. Reality is there isn't. If you are saying there is absolute truth then you leave room with the qualifier of "absolute" for there to be relative truth as well. Why don't just state it as truth. If it is true than it is true today, yesterday and tomorrow. All Truth is God's truth therefore no need to add a quantifier to the word. What is the difference between God's Word being true and God's Word being absolutely true?! There isn't one other than giving room to question it and a realm of possibility it might not be. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life ..." not the "Absolute way, absolute truth,"

5. There is a such thing as the perfect model of ministry. Reality there isn't. With all the trends, (Warren, Hybels, Stanley etc. ... it all comes down to are you loving God and loving people? You can learn from different models but quit trying to duplicate. You don't have to be the next MEGA pastor or whoever to make an impact in the kingdom.

4. Worship equates to Evangelism. A lot of people have bought into the fact that worship means church growth. We try to have all can of styles so people can grow the church. As a result of our own worship we evangelize. Worship can help but isn't what evangelizes.

3. More programs means better church and busier and more people. Sometimes LESS is more. Busy-ness only helps further the unbalanced lifestyles of people. I think sometimes the best thing we can do is look at what is best for our ministry and not compete but support the community we live in. It is hard to get new volunteers and leaders now ..trying adding more programs to that.

2. The "Guru" and speakers we hear at the ministry conventions have it all figured out. Truth is - they don't. Most are like us, in the trenches - learning things the hard way. One of the best things I enjoyed hearing was how one Guru messed up and how only by God's grace was He still in Ministry. So often when I hear those stories - it points all to God and not to one's own ego or pride.

1. It is all about you. Ministry can and is being done without you. If you want your Ego puffed up or to increase - GET OUT! Criticism is almost always done -whether you hear from all sorts of people: older, younger, leadership etc. It isn't about you but about God working through you, leaders, and others. If we had more ministries just focusing on what God can do ... wow! Our job is to point to Jesus, not ourselves.

Any others you would add? Discuss?

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