Dear Church Thief:

The Following is my own thoughts ...after this past Sunday of our biggest attendances and one of the best Homecomings we have had ....Monday came. Satan wanted to discourage. The Carevan of Bon Secour found our building was broken into. Both my elders were there and the damage and items missing were addressed and the police and detectives came.

So here is my letter: Open Letter.

Dear Church Thief:

I forgive you. Our church forgives you. If you wanted to look and go into my office - all you had to do was ask. I do feel shaken knowing people have gone through my stuff. You are welcome to come and look any time I'm there. I'm sure the fake bill that my son gave me that said worth a Million dollars was amusing. I'm sure you were disappointed. If you needed a sound system - you should of came and listened to it on person on Sundays. I'm disappointed though because of your actions some of our neighbors couldn't use the building on Monday for the mobile medical clinic that comes monthly to help those uninsured or underinsured that meets in our building. Instead we had to turn some away or elsewhere.

Sure it is only stuff, and can be replaced. That bin you used with some food in it probably was donated from some elderly saint on a fixed income who gives to our local food pantry. We see you were in a hurry and dropped one of the TVs ....we use those for lessons and teaching are welcome to come anytime. And where you stood to get the video projector on the pulpit ....yup that's where I preach God's Word. I stand with the Word of God. I don't know where you stand but know it made me SAD. I don't know why ...but know this are the reason the Church exists. We love you, forgive you, and you are welcome to visit us anytime. If you have a need - we will try to help out. Our congregation isn't very rich, but we try to be good stewards of what God has given us. Sure it can be discouraging .... but what Joy, and love we have in Jesus. It actually made me thank God for the blessings I do have. It also made me tell our neighbors, business neighbors, and friends in the area to warn about potential future breakins. Thanks - it opened doors to be Jesus' hands and feet to some that were leary of our church.

I'm praying for you. (and the others that were with you too) Know that Jesus loves you. You didn't break our spirit but confirmed what we are doing is right and God is on our side. As the guest preacher, Mike Lynn, said on Sunday (just hours before you robbed us) whose Homecoming are you going to? Heaven or Hell? My friend, I hope you choose wisely. May my letter be a wakeup call that you get your life straight with God.


Gerrard R. Fess

(Anyone else reading this know our church is ok ...we welcome you to visit us anytime too at 7610 Staples Mill Rd. Henrico, VA 23228_


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