Immigration Reform.

(I originally wrote this in 2012 and thought to share as a Canadian Student who came on a vise to Religious Worker to Permanent Resident via marriage)

Let me say this I'm all for Immigration Reform. I think both political parties can legally say that. But how does one go about it?

I. One needs to patrol and close the borders. You don't put a bandage where there is a severed wound.

II. Deal with the laws of immigration and simplify them. (Confusion over the laws and State Rights and Federal Territory haven't been verified )In alot of ways those that have come legally are being downplayed to those that are here undocumented and illegally. (and recently with the election some have discriminated against those legally who came -SAD)

III. With simplification - have each state have their own ICE office and paperwork. No more complex forms, laws, out of state offices, changes of INS to ICE, and the rules, or no word from the agency. There maybe laws but ultimately the federal government has made this a complex and complicated issue where there is none. Make the process simple and easy. You would think with our computer technology, being able to put men on the moon etc ... this would be one issue to solve ....

IV. Let people tell their stories. I came here legally. I got a visa, I changed my status and currently have to go through the process again after consulting a immigration lawyer ... and yet (I won't say how many times I've dealt with INS/ICE and many red tape paperwork .... it can be frustrating)(Update: Finished paperwork: permanent resident working on what is called N-400 aka citizenship)

V. Immigration Reform can be done with some Common Sense. It is not a FREE for all, nor for racial profiling. Unfortunately it has become such a Hot Button and political topic ... it has hurt some of us who have/ or are in the process of obeying the laws.


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