Thursday, December 29, 2016

You can help the Spiritual Health of your Church in 2017

Here are 4 suggestion to help your church in the upcoming year:

1. Intercede. Prayer for your preacher, staff, leadership, - elders, deacons etc.

2.Support your Church. Attend. Nothing says this is my church by just being there.

3. Contribute. Use your time, talents, and treasure that God has given you to give back to the Kingdom.
Nothing says Healthy - when you have people who have too much time helping the church; saying we have too many volunteers, and too much funds ... usually the church generally struggles in these areas.

4. Pay attention to the preaching and teaching. Don't just merely listen, but do what it says. Follow along to see if it lines up to what the Word is saying. Nothing excites the leadership more than knowing people listen and apply.

Who is with me?

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