Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 Highlights.

Here are some highlights of the past year for me and my family.

10. Grandma Betty passed away just shy of her 90th birthday. We had a memorial day service this past summer.

9. Nicole got new braces and new glasses.

8. Nicole joined STRING SINFONIETTA of the Richmond Youth Orchestra Program. She played in various venues that only some people dream of.

7. Brian played Basketball. His first season in a sport this past summer won the championship ... and involved in the Winter League. Something new having an athlete in the family.

6. Camp. Another season of camp .... Co-deans of JC training and also Vice-Chairman and Chairman by default. Been an interesting season of support of the camp.

5. Music lessons come to an end. Brian (Guitar) and Kendra (piano) decided to take a break for now.

4. Day Trips - Lake Anna and to the Riva .... were some fun adventures for us.

3. New Van. Our old van 1999 ...went to that Van Heaven in the Sky.

2. New Schools for the kids. With Kendra going to High School (Trying out chorus and drama) and Nicole in Middle School and Brian rising to middle school it was all a new adventure due to:

1. New Home. We bought a House. A place we can call our own. Valerie and I's highlight was moving. Looking at homes in the Spring. Buying and closing in the summer and getting settled the last few months. It sure has been a season of NEW this past year ... Can't wait to see what 2017 holds for us ....

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