Wednesday, February 03, 2016

A Church of Christ publication.

I came across a publication from Jamestown, Ohio ...

The Bible Teaches about Salvation:

1. Believe in Christ

2. Repent of Sins

3. Confess Faith in Christ

4. Be Baptized in Christ,

Facts about the Church

1. Founder - Christ

2. Foundation - Christ

3. Head -Christ

4. Worship of the Church to follow Acts 2:42

5. Plea of the church for Unity.

6. Purpose of the Church - Carry out the Great Commission

The Church of Christ:

1. You may read about it in the Bible.

2. It has no creed, but Christ, binds no name on its members but Christ's.

3. It speaks where the Bible Speaks and is silent where it is silent.

4. It exalts Christ as the only head of the church.

5. It teaches that scriptural unity can be attained on all disputed doctrinal questions.

6. Its acts of worship are patterned after the New Testament.

7. The Church of Christ pleads for the unity of all believers in Christ.

8. It is not a denomination, nor a group of denominations, but simply the body of Christ.

9. Its aim is to save souls by preaching the Gospel, by living Godly lives, and helping those in need.

10. Its future is eternal glory with Christ.

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