Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Church Branding.

Like it or not ... your church has a brand or is known for something. In the article: "Church Branding or Marketing? What's the difference?" by Maurillio Amorim ...addresses some of this.

The Brand of the Church is what is the your church known for - its identity. the Brand to be very deliberate, systematic and consistent. Marketing deals with who are you targeting with your brand or type of church? With marketing and branding comes casting vision, some business sense, and goals. What is the mission, purpose and objectives you are trying to achieve? A brand also is easily identified by the logo; and some artwork.

The basic make up branding of the church is asking the tough questions. what is your church known for? what is the thoughts of the community of your church? And if your church (aka congregation) would close tomorrow would anyone around you even notice or miss it?

Tough questions. Thoughts?

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