The 4 As in Life

I got thinking about life and what most people want and are excited about: Especially in the Christian life and this journey we call: Faith. So here are 4 things I see that we need in life.

1. Assurance. We need to know that everything is ok. We need to know and have the confidence that what we are trying to achieve is the right thing to do. As someone once told me "If you can't do the right thing; do the next right thing."

2. Affirmation. Everyone wants to be loved, encouraged and told they are doing a good job. Affirmation goes a long way. The little notes, cards, gifts make it all worthwild. I know when "Minister Appreciation" comes in October I look forward to it ...and being told that I'm doing ok. Everyone wants that encouragement. This is one of the primary reasons we get together as a church to "Not forsake the assembly, and to encourage one another."

3. Assessment. We need to be evaluated. How are we doing? Are there any areas we can improve on? Doing this gently and in love. Sometimes the truth hurts. I don't always like to be assessed. I get evaluated all the time ... by people listening to my sermons ....Some are homeruns; others are not. But always prayer, seek God and let Him do the speaking through His Word.

4. Being Anxious. There are some days I just can't wait to start the day. Other times, where I feel like "Oh, boy is this going to be good or bad ..." And then we, like the Apostle Paul, can look forward to heaven and our Eternal Home. This world is not our home ...we're just passing through.

So What things do you think can help us keep focused and press on towards the prize


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