Thursday, September 25, 2014

Aging With Grace Seminar

I recently went to an "Aging with Grace" seminar sponsored by the Virginia Council of Churches .... very interesting session. It had a variety of churches, health care organizations and resources in the Central Virginia area ...

I went to two breakout sessions: From Prayer to Practical and Legal documents (From wills, to end of life care) both well worth it. Then we broke for lunch and had time for to see all the different vendors. The facilities (Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center) were amazing.

The afternoon, key note speaker, was ok. His premise of King David aging with grace was flawed .... and dream of "Building the temple" so therefore if we have a dream we might not see it but it can be completed. (A bunch of crock if you ask me almost a name it and claim type but I digress). Overall, the day was good ...lots of networking and resources for the ministry. The only disappointment for me was I wish more people were there. One of the vast criticisms I kept hearing was that those in the ministry don't visit in the hospitals, nursing homes, the shut-in because they don't care or have the time. I pray we change this view.

So what resources do you have to help the aging boomer population?

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