Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Why Hospital Visits are Important?

It seems to me that hospital visitation is a rare and lost art in ministry. Unless it is an extreme emergency ...not very many ministers seem to go on hospital visits anymore. (They seem to delegate it to their leaders)

Here are some reasons that hospital visits are still important in ministry:

1. There is nothing like the ministry of presence. Communicating that you care and are there for someone.

2. It is an opportunity to share Good News. Share the Scriptures. God's Word will not come back void.

3. Prayer changes everything. There is power in prayer. It gives Hope.

4. Have short visits. The person is there to get well not socialize.

5. Opportunity to meet those in the health care industry. Meeting others and encouraging them from Nurses, doctors; chaplains.

6. Opportunity to meet family; friends; and others who need Jesus.

7. Tells people outside the church and in your church you care.

8. Nothing like being Jesus' hands and feet when people need to be ministered to whether big or small.

Hospital visits seem to be a dying art but something every preacher needs to embrace more and the opportunities God opens for you.

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