Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The New Racism: Being PC isn't what it is cracked up to be.

Names change. Words change. Words are powerful. The color of one's skin isn't what defines the person - their character is.

I didn't grow up in the South. The only "Racism" I knew was the language "wars" of French versus English .... and the slang for those that spoke French from Quebec. Sure people were upset and some disliked the "Natives" I grew up not far from the Six Nations Reserve and was honored to have friends from Cayuga and even those across from different cultures, and different backgrounds. Hockey was King.

Somehow I ended up in college in NC. Asking questions on why people wore white hoods? The friction of some racism in Virginia. Learning more about the Civil War. Dr. King, Jackie Robinson, the Numbers 24, 42 meant something. The study of history, and respect for culture are huge things. The African-American League in baseball had legends. Yet there is still racism. Today we not only fight against "Colours" of skin but want to define what words, and lifestyles qualify hate and "Racism." A very slippery slope and a dangerous comparison to those that have fought for equality and to be treated for their character and not the colour of their skin.

So today we say "Redskins" is demeaning. Who decides this? We call a lifestyle choice, and sinfulness a "right" and the next "Civil Rights" movement for equality in marriage and the work place for same-sex. How far down this slope do we go? Would Vikings, Chiefs, Braves, and even Canadians (Afterall they just play hockey and fight right? and who wants that other than those fighting in the Washington DC?)

How far do we take the political correctness?

Next thing you know Christians will be not allowed to pray in Jesus' name. Not allowed to preach against homosexuality. And there will be some "Churches" accepting behaviour that isn't that godly.

What we need is less on being PC and more people wanting to be godly ...than our World will be turned upside down. Then it wouldn't matter the colour of one's skin but Who you are a follower of.


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