Monday, November 04, 2013

From a Church Perspective dealing with Businesses.

So recently our church has had some issues with some businesses ....

1. A website company that we wanted to change our site, and update it. Webmaster no response after emails, phone calls, and months waiting ... (I mean months like 4) So we move on ... get a new domain, 100% control .... and are currently having our website as a work in progress. Question is how does one stay in business if they deal with people that way? (We're just letting our old domain run out ...SAD)

2. Business to help do our windows, several calls, no response ...after a few months - we move on to the next bid and they start within the week ...and the first business finally responded but told we already moved on ... And again how do businesses stay in business if they want people to hire them?

3. Big chain "Office Supply" place .... We design a business card and have them print them ...500 business cards. First set not what we had designed - sent back to update ... This is back in September ..... Still waiting on the business cards.

Here is the lessons I believe we've learned in each of these situations.

I. Not every Business wants your business. SAD really.

II. Be patient - even if you don't want to be.

III. There are times to move on and get someone else to do it.

IV. Treat people as you would like to be treated. The Golden Rule. Apparently the above haven't learned that Sunday School lesson yet.

V. Pray.

VI. Your Reputation is everything. Sure there are times when mistakes are made ... and you blow it ...learn to correct move on ...and do the best you can.

VII. You set the example. Be firm. Be bold. And say "We're moving on ..."

VIII. Once you have a plan for moving on ...those handling the next phase ...treat them with Respect, Give responsible, and Be the best you can.

IX. Not all businesses are Christ-liek, but that doesn't mean you don't have to be. Let's be Jesus to those that need it.

X. Dealing with the "Business" aspect of ministry isn't always easy; but as you use these things as "tools" you get to point people to well, Jesus.

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