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This is from my thoughts on a story about a teacher that disciplined a student by isolating him for 2hrs from the rest of the class ...(Originally the class came up with the rules and punishment and the result was an upset parent - of course what parent would not be?)

What sometimes we forget that discipline is suppose to positive not negative ...we are to be discipling.

Catch your students doing good, avoid the distractions, address the issue and child one on one. Have positive feedback.

One of the big things is we want immediate results. Some discipline issues take time, patience, and not a QUICK FIX answer.

The teacher needs to know how to handle her students. If she cannot control a student who is talking all the time and had to go to such measures; I'd think one needs to know what discipline is and is not.

The mother is just upset. Not dumb. The school is doing the best they can with the situation. Which will probably be to reprimand the teacher, and maybe transfer this student to a different classroom setting. There has been some damage done and hopefully it is repairable. The real issue is How does One Resolve Conflict?

What I am afraid is too many of us are quick to react, slow to listen, and be patient. I think this teacher reacted too quickly and the consequences don't fit the action.

I listed 2 resources from Les Christie,
Les Christie's book How to work with Rude, obnoxious, and Apathetic Kids (Good for student ministry)

With such things as reasons for problem behaviour, giving kids confidence, rules and guidelines, consequences, praise - catch them doing right, handling anger, getting rid of distractions, specific discipline methods, such as if kid is talking eye contact, move to a different spot, maybe this child has ADD or ADHD etc,

The Discipline Guide for Children's Ministry by Jody Capehart, Gordan West & Becki West.

Kids in God's Kingdom, Kids will be kids, discipline to the design of the child, common sense Do's and Dont's, The Extra Challenge - Kids with ADD, parents, teachers and partnering together.

I'm also thinking of the book Why Nobody Learns Much of Anything at Church and How to Fix it. by Thom and Joani Schultz. -maybe this child is not an audible learning maybe he can learn by innovation and active learning depending on his own learning or her own learning style. I think the educational field and church education needs to look closely at this idea of addressing the Kinetic, audible, and other types of learners.

The resource Assertive Discipline for Parents by Lee Canter and Marlene Canter is good as well.

In it it includes Take charge and be the Boss. Don't use ineffective responses, communicate assertively.

If minor (Such as talking)separate the child from the room or area and have them set away from the group by the number of minutes their age is if 3 -3 minutes etc.

I do like the discipline plan that is outlines

What specific behaviour child must change?

What are the consequences:

If this does not work, what next....

1st time misbehaves

How will you monitor the problem?

What will you keep track of?

Positive reinforcements for good behavior ....

Rules child to work on .....

Discipline problems at school ....

How will monitor?
What are the consequences?
What are positive consequences if child behaves at school?

So what are your thoughts? How do you do discipline and resolve conflict?

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