Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All truth is God's Truth

So I was eating some pizza and had a thought. Here is the logic I came across in my little feeble mind. All Truth is God's truth, right? so if that is true (which it is) ... then if Jesus is God's Son and Jesus is the Saviour ..(which He is) then He is either the Saviour of all the world or He isn't.

You can't Add qualifiers to truth. Here are some qualifiers I have heard with Jesus being the Saviour.

Jesus is the Saviour to all the world, but especially the Jews because they are God's people and if they don't accept Jesus when the End times come, they still get a Get Out of Jail FREE card.

Or this other qualifier, Jesus is the Saviour but there can be other paths that lead to God. What are these people thinking? It seems that the whole dispensational and universalism views have holes in them. Guess I should be getting back to eating my pizza.

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