Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Balmoral Hospitality House

Purchased by BBCOC August 27, 2008.

In faith and trust in the Lord for the future of His church, Bonnie Brae took a step of faith toward enhancing and enlarging His Church in the community. May the actions honor and glorify God now and in the years to come.

The Balmoral Home and property is a two fold investment. Acquiring the property will enable the congregation and/or expand when needed. We now have added yard space for games, picnic area, children's play area. etc.

The house would include classroom space, intimate small group meeting areas, class parties, seminars, ladies meeting, and small dinner and lesson areas.

Then of course the "hospitality house" could house our missionary guests, seminar speakers, those in our congregation with out of town guests for weddings and funerals, and possibly could be used as a parsonage for the next preacher, and/or associate if need be.

The congregation's prayer is God would bless this endeavor so that what is being done will enlighten, encourage, and bring many to know and have a relationship with the Lord as the church uses this tool.

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