Saturday, September 15, 2012

Scott Brand: In the Arms of Jesus.

Scott was my brother. We were both youth ministers in Virginia when we met. We had deaned camp at Oak Hill. Had fun, and loved life. Scott recently went to be with Jesus on Wednesday. I'll never forget how he treated people. He treated me with respect, love, and genuine interest. Even after I left VA and was in NC - we kept in touch. He thought I was a guru. (Far from it)- I'll miss my friend, and praying for all his family. A fellow minister and preacher at the Howard Church. Continue to pray for them. Today they celebrate his life.


Anonymous said...

Was he a minister in Virginia? His family is in our prayers. --Debbi Haagen

Gerrard Fess said...

He was at one time a youth minister at a church in Bumpass and his last ministry was as a minister in Howard, PA.

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