Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hagerstown Suns Update Rant.

1. What is the Real Cost of the New Stadium? I hear $30 with $15 already from private $6 from Suns, County and can we depend on the State? And where other? what about property value? (then in other venues I hear as high as 40-50)

2. So all the new PR (I assume done deal, and lease done with minor details) ... why no public input? Alot of assumptions and was a study really done that revitalizing ole property not a viable option?

3. Is this the only catalyst venue you have to revamping downtown ... and possibly looking like "Frederick" and what about this being the toughest ecomonic times is building a new stadium and the philosophy "if you build it, they will come" option ... will this change the affliation from Single A to another with the Nationals?

4. You cite multi-purpose - what would that be? With the outdoor venue's primary lease holder being the Suns and being used 4 mths out of the year ....

5. What other projects were considered? This seems to benefit the City but the County is paying some of this bill too seems the City Council and the County Commissioners don't get along - what is the fallout or pay from this be? And what about a Convention Center? Will this become like the ole Fairgrounds? And when the new stadium gets old go onto the next project - has upkeep been budgeted in ..whose responsible? And what happens to Municipal? Does it just site there empty like the Fairground bleachers? Get torn down (Thus the half million dollar investment from a few years ago was just a waste of tax payer's money? what?)

6. What about honoring of History? Willie Mays - one of the First and one of the greatest African American baseball players played his first game here ..... Remember the whole ESPN episode of a few years ago? Do we just build a new stadium and forget the history Municipal had?

I have a lot of questions (Like what $$$ does our local paper get in this?) The main issues for me is cost ... (Right now the Suns don't sell out) and honoring the History of some of the great players to play the game .... and lack of input from the public. (seems like it has been a behind the scenes done deal since the MLB threatened if they don't get their way last Fall) and finally the "Ego" like this will be the Savior project to help save downtown Hagerstown. Umm there are a variety of factors and issues that downtown is the way it is and to just to put a new stadium and think it will solve our your problems is naive at best. Sure wish our mayor would answer these. But I think he would say "People are afraid ...." Those darn tea partyers ..." which I am neither just realistic ... i think he watched too many "Field of Dreams" movies time to get back to reality.

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