Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hagerstown Suns Update

My rant from earlier this year

Those opposing it

If Project advances ...

Possible private contribution

Agreement by mid-August?

Here are a couple issues:

1. The Winchester "Moving" seems to be out of the picture.

2. The Funding? Where is it coming from? Some from local but still haven't got all the funding in place from Suns nor State and making plans for $30 Million dollar facility ... without all the funding ...

3. Has it ever been looked at a feasibility study and master plan at the current location and expansion around?

4. Who benefits from the sale of land ? What is the Herald-mail's role since the "new stadium" is basically next door to them?

5. If you build it they will come mentality doesn't work ...what makes oyu think if people aren't coming to the Suns now they will later with teams like the Keys and MLB teams like Baltimore and the Nats nearby?

6. What about the History factor? Willie Mays, Bryce Harper, Mussina etc.? One of the greatest baseball players ever ...played one of His First games here and African-American and we say ... oh, get over it and let's build anew?

7. Please tell me you didn't just invest $$$ all this money in one project in hoping it would revitalize downtown. Please tell me you have other ideas, studies and plans for the downtown rather than let's build a multi-million dollar facility downtown and people will come .... with this economy people are already leaving downtown ....

8. Why is the Public being shutout of this? Why no public forums or very little and quieting the voices ...and saying "We don't have anything yet .." when you have press releases, drawings, the mayor saying one thing and another coming out ... Why is it only government officials on the planning of this? And why hasn't the lease been signed? And who really benefits? It seems more irresponsible to not explore all options. Has a feasible plan and soil assessment been done where you plan to build this monster of a stadium?

9. Will we be looking for a new stadium after this one? afterall a few years ago you invested $500 000 (A half a million dollars) in the old facility and seems like you are disregarding that investment .... what will happen to the ole place? Trash pile? Just sit there like the ole hospital, pangborn and the ole recycling place to be an eyesore? I think people need to really think before saying let's tear it down and build something new somewhere else .... A plan - a good plan in place considers all the options not the ONE that they think best. All options need to be on the table.

10. I can think of a better way to invest $30 million dollars than just another stadium .... it is called wise stewardship this really a good investment? Personally I think we can do far better with less funds at our current location but that's just me ...

makes me wonder if it is worth it?

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