Thursday, August 30, 2012

End of Life Ministry

I have to tell you one of the hardest but greatest honors is ministering to people at the end of life.

It is emotionally draining and rewarding.

There are great ministries and people out there that do this in Nursing homes, assisted living and of course the great ministry of Hospice. I cannot speak more about how great they are. Even in learning some of this the hard way through some of my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) classes through Western Maryland Hospital. (HT to Chaplain Bower)

Here are just a few things one can do for End of Life Ministry:

I. Be praying. Pray with the person, family. Pray sincerely. Have others pray. Add them to your prayer list. Be praying. The power of God and communicating to Him. Pray His will not ours be done.

II. Be prepared. Be prepared that the end will come. Help the family to be available to talk, or listen and be a shoulder ... be prepared to say final good-byes.

III. Be present. So often it isn't what you say but that your presence was there. Listening, praying, preparation and the ministry of presence goes along ways.

Resource Suggestions:

The Four Things that Matter Most - Ira Byock

Tracks of a Fellow Struggler. Living and growing through Grief. - John R. Claypool.

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