Saturday, May 05, 2012

When not to Resign or Fire Someone!

Every now and then this issue comes up, especially in the ministry atmosphere.

I knew a preacher that resigned on Easter Sunday just to get back at the leadership.

Others who just after Easter asked the leader to resign. And even some just after the Christmas holidays to ask the minister to resign.

Fact is there is never a good time to resign. During these times though especially in the Church atmosphere .... Christmas and Easter are never good times.


1. Poor Etiquette.

2. People will question the leadership and mistrust will build in. (Even with all the good intentions)

3. Pray about a good time. Sometimes timing is everything.

4. View the pros/ Cons when leadership should request someone to resign. This is never an easy process.

Now when is the best time to fire someone? (There really is a good time ...and even to have them resign .... give some warning, grace, forgiveness and opportunity to be Jesus to them ....(Even in the midst of scandal and immorality - try to get them the help they need to repent and be part of the Church again - maybe not that local body but their family and their souls are at stake as well)

Most of the ministries I left on good terms and wanted them to see where God was molding and shaping me to be His hands and feet. I have had friends that resigned that are seeking where God would have them be. Friends resign because of tough situations (Sheep can have fangs) but in all those I see the best in the Bride of Christ, learn from those situations and point others to Jesus. May we all do the same.

In all of this - there are lessons to learn ... and may God be glorified.

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