Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Just a line to say I'm Living.

Just a line to say I'm living,
Just a line to say I'm living,
That I'm not among the dead.
Though I'm getting more forgetful,
... And mixed up in my head.

I've got used to my arthritis,
To my dentures I'm resigned.
I can manage my bifocals,
But, oh my!! I miss my mind.

For sometimes I can't remember
When I stand at the foot of the stairs,
If I must go up for something
Or, I've just come down from there.

And before the refrigerator so often,
My poor mind is filled with doubt.
Have I just put food away, or
Have I come to take some out?

And there's times when it is dark,
With my nightcap on my head.
I don't know if I'm retiring,
Or just got out of bed.

(Wes Bush, "Just a line to Say I'm Living) Found in the book: Holmon Old Testament Commentary Joshua. General Editors: Maz Anders. Author: Kenneth O. Gangel. B&H Publishing 2002 pg. 302

Saw this poem as I'm getting ready to finish up my series on Joshua and on Finishing Well.


Rendo said...

There is much more to this poem.
Next stanza : "If its my turn to write you
There's no need in getting sore
I may think I have written
and I dont want to be a bore......etc.

Anonymous said...

And don't want to be a bore

So remember. I do love you
And wish that you lived near
But now it's time to mail this
And to say 'Goodbye' my dear

Blast ! I stood beside the mailbox
And my face it shire got red
Instead of mailing this to you
I opened it instead

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