Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In Defense of the Small Church ...

Interesting is stats like the one from National Church Development of those under 100 31% use their gifts in megachurches 17%. 46% integrated in a small group compared to only 12% in megachurches ...this according to Christian A. Schwarz of over 2 million participants from pg. 11 Help! I'm a Small Church Youth Worker

Sometimes people think small churchs not stable, a world unto itself, sees the past, not the future, functions out of habit, not strategic planning but that is far from the truth .... I see two things happening: 1. Small churches blast megachurches. 2. Megachurches blast the small. Why can't we work together? Afterall there is the whole parable of the Sower (And God giving the increase?)

With between 85 -90% of our churches have fewer than 150 participants.
About 300 000 out of 340 000

The medium size is 75 attendees.

More Stats
some that differ with the above.

I so dislike that those in "Bigger Ministries" sometimes look down upon the small church as if they are:

1. Dying.

2. Not doing anything.

3. Have no impact on the Kingdom.

4. Their Ministers are lazy.

5. They are stuck in the past.

6. They are not fulfilling the Great Commission because it seems like they are not growing.

In defense of small churches ..... Here are some things people need to know.

1. Ministry isn't easy.

2. Most small churches don't want to stay small.
(There is a variety of factors for this that may include lack of leadership, soil, area, finances etc)

3. They covet your prayers not your ridicule.

4. Small church workers are more generalizers than specializers .... In other words they have to be a jack of all trades and do a lot of things well rather than one thing well.

5. The small church needs help in resources, time, and planning.

6. The small church wants success ... and sometimes that happens One Story at a time.,

7. Sometimes people need to get to know us. Our community, needs, and what we vision to do for the Kingdom.

8. Christian Publishers need to celebrate the small churches. (Far too often the VBS, Sunday School, small group materials, conferences, seem all catered to the Mega Church - even some publishing magazines devote Issues to those churches ...Fastest growing churches ...what about a church that increased 100% from 75 to 150?)

9. Our pride is hurt sometimes because you call us "Small" not knowing that we've overcome scandal, tragedy, transition, and not even asking how you can help?

10. In our own humility - we want to be Jesus' hands and feet where we are ... and make one disciple - one at a time and impact the Kingdom.

I've worked with churches of all sizes. Have friends - in churches of all sizes ...May we know that the Kingdom of God is bigger than any one church.

When the next time someone asks you what is the size of your church or your youth group ...May you respond: "As big as I need it to be as I would give an account before God on the day of Judgment"

May we defend the church both big and small ... and not wanting to stay that way.

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