Friday, January 06, 2012

The Failure of Youth Ministry.

The experiment of youth ministry is a failure. Few will say it. Few will say it has flatlined or could do better. But the ole youth ministry of glorified babysitting, games, gimmicks, and glamour is over. Some of the parachurch organizations and that of Youth Ministry 1.0 "If you build it ... they will come" had died. Youth Ministry 2.0 being about this "Youth pastor - Youth group" is still hanging on but slowly people see it dying. And then people are seeing well, what about Youth Ministry 3.0 or beyond?

Let's face it - the experiment has died. What youth need is not another program, group, activity. What youth ministry needs ius to stop being well, youth ministry. Youth Ministry needs to go beyond that of just youth lead, or youth leader lead; but help both adults and students instead of being separated from the church to be well, The Church. Afterall, that is what students are - the Church.

You won't find too much about "Youth Ministry" programs in the Bible .... but what you will find is people's lives transformed - both young and old - and being changed for Jesus.

So let's quit pretending youth ministry is ok .... and its about the status quo or about reaching more students.

How about instead of being this program based gimmick ... we give adults and students - the opportunity to be the Church to their community? To be Jesus' hands and feet to others.

Hmmm, I'm all in; are you?

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