Wednesday, January 11, 2012

9 Marks of a Healthy Church

So for my Fusion (Church Leaders' monthly Group of Church Leaders
that gets together to discuss, pray, and meet together about the challenges in ministry)we were to read this book.

The Nine Marks being:

I. Expositional Preaching.

II. Biblical Theology.

III. The Gospel.

IV. Understanding of Conversion

V. Evangelism

VI. Church Membership

VII. Church Discipline

VIII. Concern for Discipleship and Growth.

IX. Church Leadership.

(though truth be told I think a lot of these marks go together and are hard to separate one from another ....).

I liked the book at first, but it got a little dry and redundant in the middle. I liked what Dever had to say ... some of it was very well taken. The last Appendix of Tips for leading Healthy Churches in the Right Direction is worth the price of the book. what books are you currently reading?

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