Thursday, September 29, 2011

Community Leadership Event sponsored by Chik-fil-A

Yesterday I went to a Leadership Event (FREE) sponsored by Chik-Fil-A and heard Mark Miller (@LeadersServe) speak.

Basically he gave his story and in the morning we learned on Leadership .... and in the afternoon (after the FREE Lunch) learned applying it to teams.

There were church leaders, business leaders, and people from Kaplan, Heritage Academy, First Data there and so forth ...and of course Chik-Fil-A.

Of course, at the end we had someone ask what if you have someone that has no talents, and no skills ...(Which I yelled out "Just Hire Simon Cowell to tell them "...)

So what is the Secret of Great Leaders? (Based on His and Ken Blanchard's book The Secret - having nothing to do with the DaVinci Code BTW or the Movie: National Treasure)

Here is the secret what great leaders do:

See the future
Engage and develop others.
Re-invent continuously
Value results and relationships.
Embody the values.

In other words, Great Leaders serve.

In the afternoon, Mr. Miller broke down what different models of leadership looked like and what we need to aspire to be.

All in all a good day. And got his book, The Secret, Free too!!

Here are some quotes from the day:

"Content without context is not very useful"

"If my bullet fits your gun ...shoot it."

"Over 70% of people have to have a picture of some sorts"

Peter D. "The quality of character does not make a leader; but the absence flaws the whole process."

Henry Cloud "Nothing alive will thrive without pruning."

"If there is mist in the pulpit; there will be fog in the pew"

"Good things happen when Great leaders lead."

Recommended reading:

Necessary Endings - Henry Cloud

The Great Game of Business - Jack Stack

Good to Great

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