Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Real Life Discipleship - Jim Putman - A review

"Unlike a lot of “How-to” books, Real-Life Discipleship takes the general ideas and breaks them down to help one learn the basics of the system that works - a system that worked for over 2 millennia ever since Christ taught it to His own disciples. Another useful thing about this book is the appendixes that have graphs and tables that help to identify the stages of faith the people are in right now to then help us address their needs more efficiently.

Real-Life Discipleship is a good book not only for ministers or those who are “leaders” in our standard understanding. It is also a good manual for the rest of us who are “people attending the Church.” Every Christian is a missionary with a mission - to share the Gospel with those God sends our way." This from one reviewer that I read.

As I read the book, I'm thinking I can't wait to discuss and see how can implement in the context of the ministry I'm serving. It comes with the book and the Training manual. One of my leaders suggested I get a copy for all the leaders I meet with. I think it would be good for discussion. Next month in my local network of church leaders (Our meeting is called Fusion) we're meeting to discuss the book and each have to review the book and assigned a chapter.

My own review ... I recommend this book for any church leader, current or future leader - and wish I had this resource when I was in Bible College and Seminary.

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