Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Heresy of Perfectionism


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There is a Heresy out there called Perfectionism. What is it? Basically in a nutshell it says After you receive Christ and have the Holy Spirit - you can be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect and thus without sin. There are several issues with this ....

1. It can downplay the atonement.

2. Pride comes in.

3. It is contrary to scripture.

4. I'd like to see that "Perfect Christian" and then ask their spouse.

Yet there are people claiming self-righteously so - that they can be perfect.

It seems to me that Paul's letter in Phil. 3:12-21 that the Christian walk is that of a journey and sanctification is a process.

Paul does call upon his readers to “follow his example,” but he does not do so claiming to have already arrived. Paul calls upon us to “follow his example” in striving toward the goal of maturity in Christ ... thus we need to also.

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