Thursday, July 14, 2011

Translating Technology

This past Sunday one of my friends, Sam and I went to visit an elderly lady. What we didn't expect was to translate for her some techno terms and in her own culture and language.

She asked things like:

What is twitter? I responded ... its like a short written doctor's note on the computer.

How about facebook? It is fancy scrap booking online.

What about a mp3 player? Remember 8 tracks or LPs ...just smaller.

An I-pad? A touch screen fancy TV set type.

Flashdrive? Small gadget for your information.

Amazing how we relate or get so used to certain terms and things like "Social media" and have to explain them to people who might not even have or know what a computer is.

What was the last piece of technology you had to describe to someone?

1 comment:

Dennis said...

Believe it or not we had some friends over our house last week here in Mexico and we had to explain what the dishwasher was.

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