Thursday, July 14, 2011

Minor League Ball Game Turns into a Big DEAL.

So I went to a Hagerstown Suns game this past weekend. Got General Admission tickets .... and took two of my children. Doubleheader (Due to the rain the night before) - Great Game. Suns won both. Got some FREE bobbleheads, and caught some foul balls. (Got 3 in all I caught - one was given to my daughter, and one given to us from the field). My kids were getting their hats and balls autographed. My Daughter got to parade on the field for Girl Scouts and even got to go on the field to sing "Take me out to the Ball Game ..." and lead the crowd.

Now one of the players told my son ... "Wait until after the game when you have a pen and I'll give you my autograph .."(I was like ..sure right ... you're just blowing this off) - so after the game ...this player just walks on by my son. My son is disappointed (He cries after some other player told him ...that player might not come back). So I tell this tale to some others and immediately one of the coaches or managers - tells me the player is taking a quick shower and to wait right here and he'll be out. (I didn't expect that - so we waited and waited and waited)I was about to head home ... when the same manager comes and says --meet us at the front door. We are now out by the bus the players are to get on. I ask for the player by name - #40 ...Kevin Keyes. He comes right up to us ...apologizes and signs my son's hat and my daughter's as well. (At first he asked if we wanted a bat or something ..) He really didn't have to do that. (Actually I wasn't expecting him to really come back at all ...and know they have a tough schedule). You would of thought my son had the autograph of some major celebrity, some major league player ...someone like Jeter, or someone from the Boston Red Sox.

Kind of cool.

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