Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Connection to the Show: "Vanished" Kyle Fleischmann

Episode found here

It was November 9, 2007 that Kyle Fleischmann

went missing. It would be only days later that some of his friends from Raleigh wanted a "pastor" to pray and hold a prayer vigil for their friend at the Buckhead Saloon at the same time they held one in Charlotte. They had called several churches in the area - with no response. Finally they called Cary. I responded and said that would be fine. It wasn't very long. One news crew, a handful of friends, and myself and some candles and we prayer ... and prayed ... and prayed. Finally it was time to depart. One of the leaders talked with the news crew and I was on my way to our Teen Service (Called Access). I thought that they would either find him soon or find his body within days. Now it is years later and people are still wondering what happened?

Every now and then I watch America's Most Wanted - goto the Fleischmann facebook page in hopes of closure for the family. If you would this day - pray for this family. They need it. Thanks.

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