Friday, June 03, 2011

Top 10 Why Church and Politics sometimes don't Mix!!

I. Only ONE gives Hope.

II. Only one has REAL Change.

III. No voting in Heaven. God has the final say.

IV. Focus should be on God. In politics, you're interests are divided and appeasing people.

V. Egos - Pride.

VI. Manipulation not allowed.

VII. We are powerless. Where we are weak, then HE is strong. Politics tend to be about power

VIII. Focus tends to be on self rather than Christ. (See Number 4 and 5)

IX. Our History is everything in politics. In Church - it is about God's History and Grace that matters - we can't earn it.

X. All About HIM .... from our prayers, lifestyle ... we're to be about loving God and loving others ...

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